Double Masking Could Save You From COVID-19

March 19, 2021

As we have just past a full year living with COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to refine it’s guidance on how best to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting the virus. There are some things you can do, even if you’ve already received the vaccine that can help keep you safe.

The most recent recommendation from the CDC is to wear two masks. While some might believe this to be overkill, the science here doesn’t lie. In a study conducted by the CDC it was found that wearing two masks, quite literally, doubles your protection against the virus. The study found that wearing one cloth mask blocked 44% of particles from a simulated cough, while wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask (double masking) would block 92% of the particles from a simulated cough. This improvement can save your life.

Even if you are choosing not to double mask, there are things you can do to ensure that you are safe while wearing a single mask. Here are a few things to keep in mind;

  • Make sure you are wearing your mask tight. A loose mask can lead to particles getting around it and cause you to get sick.
  • Add a mask filter
  • Put a nylon covering over your mask

We are seeing some good news on the COVID-19 front, but we are far from out of the woods yet. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and continue to follow CDC guidelines.

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