Masters in Home Care is committed to providing our patients with top-quality home health care, including those with specialty health concerns.

Wound and Ostomy Care
Offers different options for the effective management of acute and chronic wounds (including wound vac therapy, UNA boots, and compression dressings). Our nursing staff includes professionals with specialized training in wound and ostomy care. We provide care to all types of wounds including, but not limited to, pressure ulcers, wounds resulting from vascular conditions, diabetes, trauma, surgery, disease or infection, burns and ostomy care. We provide wound care in a team approach including your physician and any other caregivers. Our nurse case manager provides the assessment, management, treatments and monitoring of existing and potential problems. We work directly with a manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies giving us access to the widest range of advanced skin care and wound care products in the industry.

Dementia Management
Masters In Home Care offers a proven, specialized, home based environmental intervention program called Skills2Care that provides family caregivers hands-on education to enhance their abilities to manage the day-to-day challenges of dementia. We know that caring for a family member with dementia can be difficult, and we can help! A trained and certified occupational therapist will visit the patient and teach the caregiver how to:

  • Manage challenging behaviors, such as wandering or refusing help
  • Make the home safer
  • Reduce caregiver stress
  • Engage the patient in meaningful activities

Skills2Care is integrated into Masters In Home Care’s occupational therapy plan of care, and may be reimbursed by the patient’s insurance benefits if the patient with dementia has a skilled occupational therapy need.  Interested in learning more?  Call us today and ask about our Skills2Care program!

Fall Risk Reduction
Identifies patients who are at risk of falling and implements measures to prevent and decrease the probability of a patient experiencing a fall in the future. This program includes standardized falls risk assessments, home safety assessments, medication monitoring, individualized exercise programs, and assistive device assessment and instruction.

Behavioral Health Case Management
Addresses the unique mental health needs of individuals living at home so they can function independently in the community.  This program also addresses those struggling with a mental health issue in conjunction with a primary medical diagnosis. Our Behavioral Health programs can help you help your loved one by addressing the emotional and behavioral symptoms that often accompany physical illness.  We work in collaboration with you, your loved one, and your loved one’s primary doctor to manage anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

Diabetes Home Health Care
Promotes the self-management and independent monitoring of individuals with diabetes to encourage the development of healthy personal habits while reducing re-hospitalizations.


  • The Masters In Home Care Difference

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