Got A Headache? Don’t Ignore These Symptoms

August 30, 2021

For many of us headaches come and go and we never really think much about them, but as you and your loved one are aging there are certain things that you should actually be on the lookout that could be the signs of something worse then just a run of the mill headache.

If you are working with home health care agency in Connecticut you will want to bring these symptoms up to your provider so she/he can investigate them further. If you are not, you may want to see a medical professional to make sure that the symptoms you are having are not something worse then you might expect.

Take for instance when you have a headache with a fever. While this may seem relatively common it can be the sign of something more serious. A headache with a fever in an older adult who may be immune compromised may be a symptom of other severe disease like COVID-19, encephalitis, or meningitis. If you are experiencing this symptom, contact a medical provider immediately.

Another headache related issue that may arise for you is what is called a “thunderclap” onset. This may be a new term for many, but the general thrust of it is that a severe headache comes on quickly and out of the blue. If you are exercising when this happens it may be a sign of a ruptured blood vessel in your brain, or a brain aneurism. If it is accompanied by other symptoms like neck stiffness or a change in your mental state it can be something else. A headache that comes on quickly and is intense should be seen by a medical provider immediately.

If you have a headache that comes on with vision problems you may have acute glaucoma. Acute glaucoma comes on very fast and should be treated as soon as possible. It is not like traditional glaucoma which comes on slowly and with very few symptoms. Acute glaucoma may result in vision loss very shortly after the symptoms come on.

As a general rule a typical headache is not something to be terribly concerned about, but if it comes out of the blue or with other symptoms it can be serious and should be checked out by either your home health care agency or another medical provider.

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