June Is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

June 10, 2020

Purple ribbon with HOPE wooden letter toning Alzheimer’s disease Pancreatic cancer Epilepsy awareness Hodgkin’s Lymphoma awareness

This and every June the Alzheimer’s Association goes purple to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease and other degenerative brain diseases. There will be fewer place for you to go this year to show off your purple in support of this incredibly important cause, so we wanted to give you a few options to show you support the work being done on behalf of all of us.

You can spread purple by:

  • Ordering and wearing a purple mask to wear out and about
  • Spread purple across your social media accounts (turn your profile picture purple)
  • Send purple flowers to a friend or family member
  • Wear purple on your next Zoom call
  • Hang purple hearts in the windows of your home

The idea of turning something purple for the month is to get people talking about a disease that is not talked about enough. Early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease can show in adults very early on and life and may be dismissed away as being forgetful or not listening. These signs should not be ignored because if they are caught early enough they can be treated which will allow you to work against the disease as you age.

If you don’t have any purple to share, you can certainly share this take action page here from the Alzheimer’s Association which will allow you to spread the word in the way you think fits best.

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