Remodel Your Home For Comfort When Aging In Place

February 1, 2019

When you or a loved one is considering your next steps in life and one of those steps may be aging-in-place you should consider remodeling your existing home instead of looking for something different then what you have.  In fact, many homes, with just a few minor renovations can be turned into the ideal space for someone who is planning on skipping the retirement community or nursing home.

Here are a couple of things to consider when you’re remodeling your home:

  • Mobility: Open floor plans give you the best ability to stay in your home during this process.  You may one day find yourself walking with a cane or in a wheelchair and the layout of your space will be critical to your ability to move around.
  • Accessibility: Right now you may be ok with climbing the stairs to do laundry or take a shower, but as you start to age these things may become increasingly difficult.  When you’re thinking of remodeling your home keep in mind that you may not be able to go up and down stairs quite as easily as you get older.
  • Maintenance: That big house you’ve raised a family in and retired in with your loved one was nice for memories but it may get challenging as you age.  Think about the layout of your space to maximize your ability to maintain it without too much trouble.
  • Affordability: While you’re on a fixed income you may not want to have vaulted ceilings or electric heat.  Consider the small things that can add up quickly as you have an opportunity during your remodel to identify areas of cost savings moving forward.

Remodeling your existing home can be a daunting task, but so can moving and packing all of your things.  If aging-in-place is something that interests you, a remodel may be your safest bet.

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