The Official Start To Summer Brings Excitement And Challenges For Your Loved One

June 22, 2022

Today there is a buzz in the air because it is officially the start of summer. Yes, many use Memorial Day Weekend as the unofficial start of summer, but truthfully, based on the calendar, today is the official start of summer. There are a lot of fun things to look forward to during the summer like cookouts and beach days. Yards in your neighborhood will be undoubtedly filled with the laughter of children outside playing until all hours of the night. The summer months are a true treasure.

This can be true for your loved one who is aging in place as well. No matter her/his mobility, there are plenty of things to be excited about during the summer months. Grandkids are out of school so there is a good possibility that a visit is in your loved one’s future. Open windows and light summer breezes will cool your loved one while they sit and enjoy the summer months. Even late at night, the spark of fireflies out their bedroom window can help keep the joy of summer in flight for your loved one.

Truth be told, there are also some challenges that summer months present that can be navigated with care for your loved one.

1.) Visitors and the spread of COVID-19. The summer months are a great time to have people over to the house to visit with your loved one who may be feeling the need to socialize after a long winter and spring being somewhat isolated. However, given that COVID-19 is still very much in the air, it is important to keep this in mind as plans are being made. Where possible you should have a gathering outside and if it must be inside masks should be considered, especially around medically vulernable people.

2.) Insect encounters. If your loved one is mobile enough to get outside, it can be a wonderful thing both for their mental and physical health. However, there is much more insect activity in the summer months and this can present a problem to your loved one if they have any insect related allergies. Bees and mosquitos both present serious threats to anyone who is allergic, but especially someone who may already be medically fragile. Be aware of the time of day when these insects are most prevelant and plan your outdoor excursions accordingly.

3.) Summer sun. We’ve already covered the importance of making sure your loved one is keep their skin covered and avoiding direct contact with the sun, but this bears repeating. There are many people who love the feel warmth of the sun on their face, but if not protected properly the sun and the damage it does to your skin can become a long-term health problem that could’ve been avoided.

Overall, the summer months will be a fun time and an opportunity for visiting with family and friends. If your loved one is aging in place, this can be an incredibly uplifting and mood altering time. With the right precautions in place to avoid any serious challenges that come from the summer elements, your loved one will be able to enjoy the world around them without having to worry too much about the dangers it presents.

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