Three Gadgets You May Not Have Thought About When Aging In Place

July 29, 2019

When you think of aging in place you don’t generally think of technology as something to consider to help you or your loved one thrive, but recent advances have pushed the limits of what is possible beyond the typical medical alert bracelet.

As a home health care agency in Connecticut we see all sorts of technologies employed in our patient’s homes and some provide great benefit to one’s ability to live on their own later in life. As technology advances more and more gadgets will find their way into our home to be able to assist our loved ones with common everyday chores that otherwise would require a visitor to their home.

Here are a few gadgets that are currently available to help make the day to day life of your loved one a little easier.

  • Internet Connected Refrigerator: You might be able to imagine just how helpful a connected refrigerator would be if you had a loved one at home and you were going to bring over some groceries. Check the refrigerator to see if they need milk or veggies and swing by the store on your way over to check in on them. No more heading over empty handed only to find out they need a bunch of things from the store.
  • Billy: This new technology monitors your loved ones activities and habits and if there is a deviation from those habits you are alerted by a notification on your phone/tablet/watch. This kit will allow you to keep close tabs on what your loved one is doing without having to be by their side all day everyday.
  • Luna Lights: This fully automated set of floor lights reacts to when your loved one gets out of bed. Sensors tell the lights that he/she is up out of bed and communicate with the lights to turn on. So if your loved one has to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom the lights turn on when they leave their bed and off when they return to bed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technologies that will help you and your loved one live smarter and healthier lifestyles while aging in place.

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