Time To Get Back To The Doctor Now That COVID-19 Is Easing

June 25, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020 there was a lot of consternation around going to the doctor and rightfully so.  There was a lot of uncertainty about getting out of the house and going to see a medical provider when the pandemic was in it’s earliest stages.  Today though as cases continue to fall and vaccination rates soar, it may be time to consider scheduling those appointments that you may have put off over the last year.

There are some critical check-ups that may not have occurred as the pandemic raged on and they included;

  1. A visit with your primary care physician
  2. Dental cleaning and check-up
  3. Mammogram/breast cancer screening
  4. Ob-gyn check-up
  5. Dermatology screening

No matter your health condition these five appointments are critical to your overall well-being and should not be put off for any longer then they have to be.  If you are the caregiver for a loved one who is aging in place you may want to either schedule a home health care agency visit or schedule appointments outside of the home to do some of these checks to ensure that the health of the person in your care is looked after as annual check-ups have been on hold for the last year.

The State of Connecticut recently signed into law an order that allows certain medical visits to be done via tele-health which is also a great option if you are still concerned with visiting a healthcare facility.  While not all of these check-ups can be done via tele-health, many of them can be and would be an important place to start.

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