Technology Solutions For Aging In Place

October 23, 2018

Many older people want to age in place. Staying in their own environment provides peace and solace when time changes abilities and health. One of the things that caregivers and family members can do is help their older loved one maintain their well-being and medical care. Technology can make it easier and cheaper for aging adults to get help when they need it, or manage their life tasks.

  • Easy access to the Internet and digital social tools. Online activity can’t and shouldn’t substitute for in-person contact, but Internet access can help older adults stay in touch with family and friends who may not live close by.
  • Fall detection. Newer personal emergency response devices with accelerometers can detect a fall and call for help, even if a senior doesn’t or can’t push a button.
  • Tech-enhanced healthcare management. There are consumer-oriented tools such as medication reminders and personal health organizers. On the other hand, healthcare providers are creating better care partnerships with patients, by using patient portals, telemedicine, or in-home monitoring. Depending on your needs, some technologies can be really useful when it comes to better — and hopefully easier — management of health issues. The home health care professionals at Masters In Home Care can work with patients and their loved ones to develop a plan for healthcare monitoring.
  • Daily life sensors. A new generation of home sensors can keep track of an older adult’s activity patterns, and can send a signal to family if there’s a significant change from the usual. This can help notify a care circle if an older adult is falling ill.

Investing time and energy in the planning process (whether for healthcare or for housing needs, which really are intertwined) does often pay off down the line.

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