COVID-19 Booster Shots Recommended For All Adults

by on December 2, 2021

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has announced that COVID-19 booster shots should be had by all adults who received their full vaccination already. If you received your second dose of either the Pfizer or the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine six months ago it is now recommended that you get a booster shot of the…continue reading

Yes, You Should Get The Flu Shot This Season

by on November 22, 2021

For those over the age of 65 years of age, getting the flu can be a very serious thing. There is the possibility of hospitalization and even death in some severe cases. That is why it is so critical that you make sure you get the flu shot each and every year (no matter your…continue reading

How And Why You Should Compare Medicare Plans

by on November 17, 2021

When deciding which Medicare plan to enroll in this year you should make a concerted effort to really compare plans with this handy tool that Medicare has provided folks on their website. After all you would comparison shop if you were buying a spatula, why not with your health insurance? While some may log on…continue reading

Help Your Loved One Prepare For Daylight Savings Time

by on November 5, 2021

It’s just about that time of the year when we fall back with our clocks and the days feel shorter and shorter and the nights so much longer. It’s a time of year when it is very easy, especially for someone aging in place, to start to slip into a depression and feel even more…continue reading

Planning To See Family For The Holidays For The First Time In A Long Time

by on November 2, 2021

It’s hard to believe but we are coming up on our second Thanksgiving during a global pandemic. The good news is that there are options available to see our loved ones and a lot of the mitigation strategies that are being recommended will make it so a visit with family who may be aging in…continue reading

Coping With Loss Of A Loved One

by on October 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a heavy burden on our hearts. Between the loss of connection with our neighbors and friends to the loss of life that has come to too many throughout the past two years, loss is something that many are dealing with on a daily basis. While there is nothing that can…continue reading