Aging In Place During A Heatwave Can Be Life-Threatening

by on July 26, 2023

A vast majority of the United States is in the midst of it’s first summer heat wave of the year and while many people are avoiding being outdoors and trying to stay comfortable, the most vulnerable people among us are bracing for dangerous heat levels that can be, at times, life-threatening. This goes for those…continue reading

How To Maintain Your Energy To Be Active While Aging In Place

by on July 19, 2023

If you’re aging in place it may be challenging to keep your energy level where it needs to be to stay active. It can be tempting when no one is watching to skip any physical activity for the day and just relax on the couch. This can be a habit that forms quite easily and…continue reading

Three Ways To Prepare Your Loved One Who Is Aging In Place For Extreme Weather

by on July 11, 2023

Recent days, weeks and months have shown us that extreme weather is here to stay. Between staggering rain storms dropping inches of rain at a time on towns that become flooded and wildfires blanketing parts of the United States with smoke, we have seen the dangerous impact that weather patterns can have on our communities.…continue reading

The Top Three Benefits Of Home Health Care In Connecticut

by on July 5, 2023

Whether you or a loved one are aging in place or just in need of some medical assistance while you’re struggling with your mobility, home health care in Connecticut provides a great option for you to utilize. Here at Masters In Home Care we are happy to provide high quality care for our patients and…continue reading

How To Set Your Parent Up For Technological Success

by on June 27, 2023

Technology is amazing. You could be half way around the world and speak to your loved one who is aging in place “face to face” over video chat. You can be notified if your loved one who is living independently has a medical or other emergency so you can take action or better yet the…continue reading

These Four Factors Would Make Aging In Place A Good Fit For You

by on June 24, 2023

Have you been considering how you will spend the next stage of your life? Are you working with a loved one who has been leaning toward a decision to begin aging in place? How will you or your loved one know that aging in place is the right thing for you? There are some key…continue reading