Home Health Care Tips For Those Living With Alzheimer’s Disease

Caring for an individual with Alzheimer’s Disease can be a challenge and take its toll. Below are a few tips to care for those living with this disease. Alzheimer’s disease affects language. Your loved one may substitute words, such as “I need a fork” when he or she meant to say “I need a spoon.”…continue reading

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Helping Your Loved One Adjust To Home Care

If your loved one is nervous about their home health care, it is completely understandable. In addition to the challenges your loved one’s medical situation presents, they now need to get used to a new medical routine with a new set of individuals. Getting used to home health care requires an adjustment period for both…continue reading

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Home Health Care In CT For Alzheimer’s Patients

If your loved on has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia you shoulder a heavy burden in managing their car. Helping them maintain a sense of normalcy is imperative and type of care needed is physically and emotionally demanding. Masters In Home Care is here to help. Understanding that you are not alone is the first step.…continue reading

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How A Home Health Care Worker Can Alleviate Caregiver Stress

Home health care is a popular option for the aging population. It is a more cost-effective solution to increasing medical costs and hospital admissions. Home health care workers in Connecticut can provide necessary medical care for patients in conjunction with the patient’s physicians. Caregiving from afar, working full-time and caregiving and/or caring for someone 24/7…continue reading

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Home Health Care CT: Helping Loved Ones With Dementia

When a loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, it can be difficult to cope with. Seniors can have really good days where they’re alert and present, and then some days where they’re more confused and disconnected. There are plenty of ways that you can help to keep them engaged. Over time, your loved one may…continue reading

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Families Can Work With CT Home Health Care Aids In Fall Prevention

When CT home health care workers are treating a patient who is recovering in their home, falls are a major concern. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among older patients. Below are 12 tips you can take to prevent a loved one’s fall at home. Reduce the obstacles. Relocate rugs, furnishings,…continue reading

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Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Home Health Agency In Connecticut

Hiring a home health care agency in Connecticut to care for your loved one is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. Before hiring that company, make sure you ask all of the questions you need to in order to make sure your loved one gets the care they need. Home health care…continue reading

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