How to Help Your Senior Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

Now that the holidays are coming to an end, many welcome the end to the hustle and bustle. But once the decorations are packed away and the leftovers are secured in the freezer, the feelings of elation and can be replaced by feeling of deep sadness. Seniors often face pre- and post-holiday blues when friends…continue reading

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Creating a Winter Driving Plan For Your Loved One Aging In Place

The topic of driving is a very delicate one to discuss as loved ones age. It can be difficult to reach consensus on balancing safety and independence while the fear of losing some freedom may cause your loved one to take more risks. Winter can pose an increased risk to some with earlier sunsets and…continue reading

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5 Holiday Tips For Your Aging In Place Seniors

We are now full swing into the holiday season. Below are five of the most common things that concern aging in place seniors and their loved ones. Safety. Whether living alone or with the assistance of a caregiver, winter weather can be treacherous. It’s important to ensure that walkways and driveways are cleared of snow…continue reading

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Holiday Fire Safety For Seniors Aging In Place

This coming season is a special time of year. The holidays are a joyful occasion when everyone gets to spend time together, share stories and create new memories, particularly for seniors whose families live far away. The holidays often involve decor and activities that may present safety hazards for seniors aging in place. To ensure that…continue reading

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Helping Seniors Through The Holiday Blues

The holidays offer many opportunities to spend quality time with family and friends. If you are a caregiver or family member of an aging loved one, you may observe a change in their mood or behavior during this time. You may notice unusual signs of fatigue or sadness or perhaps limited interest in the holiday…continue reading

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Tips For Managing Daylight Savings With Older Adults

This coming early Sunday morning, Daylight Savings Time will come to and end. We will turn our clocks back one hour and daylight hours will shorten in the afternoon, and then eventually the morning as we approach winter. As this shift occurs, the likelihood for injury increases. Here are some ways to prevent injuries: Be…continue reading

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Technology Solutions For Aging In Place

Many older people want to age in place. Staying in their own environment provides peace and solace when time changes abilities and health. One of the things that caregivers and family members can do is help their older loved one maintain their well-being and medical care. Technology can make it easier and cheaper for aging…continue reading

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Aging In Place Checklist For Seniors

The air is growing cool and crisper. The days are getting shorter and shorter. As we adjust to the changes in autumn, it’s a good time to take action to ensure the safety and wellness of those adults who are aging in place. The following can help them – and you – prepare. The season…continue reading

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Home Health Care CT: Physical Therapists vs. Occupational Therapists

Occupational and physical therapists can treat patients in a variety of settings: hospitals, offices, and even homes. The occupational and physical therapists at Masters In Home Care are professionals with experience. There is often a misunderstanding as to the differences between physical and occupational therapy. What is Occupational Therapy? Occupational therapists assess how a patient…continue reading

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Caring For A Loved One With COPD

When you have a loved one with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) taking care of them can be rewarding, but also exhausting. As a caregiver to a COPD patient, it’s important to follow these tips: Keep the COPD patient away from cold weather as it can exacerbate symptoms. Recommend that your loved one begin breathing…continue reading

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